You Send It

If you need to send a big file up to 100mb to someone, is the way to go. Rather than filling up their e-mail box with a large file it posts it to their site for 7 days and up to 100 downloads. The free version works for files up to 100mb. If you want more you have to pay. It works great for moving big files easily.

Threatfire Free Protection Software

ThreatFire is a free Zero-Day threat protection program that runs along side of your Anti-Virus Software. This software helps to monitor your computer and protect it from mal-ware that has not been detected by your anti-virus signatures because it is too new. What does this mean in English? If you run this software along side your anti-virus program it will protect your computer even more from things that can change your computer environment. If you want good Free Anti-Virus software to go along with it try AVG Free Version. With both of these programs running side by side you can’t go wrong.

GoodSync Free Sync Software

People always ask me the best way to backup their computers. Lately, the best Free program that I have found is called GoodSync. This is truely a sync program and not a backup program, but I like to use Sync rather than Backup utilites because they give me better access to my files. This is a very easy program to use, and it is free. There is also a pay version for added features.

Here is how I backup my files:

1) Know where all of your important files are at. (Pictures, Music, Documents)

2) Buy a good external hard drive at least 400 GB. It should cost around $150 or less. (Don’t pay more than that)

3) Set up the Sync Program to Sync files from left to right taking them from your internal hard drive to your external hard drive.

4) Keep the files on both drives (So if one fails you have the other.) Storage is Cheap!!

5) For important files, such as Photos I also send my pictures to Flickr to back them up online in case something happens at my house. (Fire, Burglary) It’s not a bad idea to do this for all your important files.

6) Don’t rely on CD’s or DVD’s to backup your data, they can get scratched, and then your data is gone.

7) Always keep your important files in more than one place.

8) Good luck.