CamelBak UV Water Filter

If you are traveling to a place where the water is not safe to drink, you may want to consider the Camelbak UV water filter. This filter uses UV-C light waves to kill all the harmful bacteria that can contaminate water and make you sick. This device works in just 60 seconds and gives you safe water to drink. The UV bulb is good for 10000 cycles and has no harmful effects for humans. This is a great survival tool for use in rural areas.

Assassins Creed 3 Pictures

Check out this collection of pictures and screen shots released for the upcoming Assassins Creed 3 video game. There is huge buzz surrounding this new game. It was very unexpected that this game would take place in Colonial America. To bad we are all going to have to wait for a while before this one comes out. If it is true to form as the last release, there will also be other expansion chapters released during this same general time period. It would be cool if they carry the series through the history of the United States.

Bullet Proof Backpacks

Bullet Proof Backpack

Think you someday might need the extra protection of a ballistic rated backpack? While a bullet proof vest can at times be cumbersome and decrease your mobility, a ballistic rated backpack may be the answer to your protection needs. Bullet Blocker provides a line of level IIIA rated ballistic backpacks that serve a dual purpose. While providing the function of a normal backpack, they also provide a shield you can wear on your front or back. If you place the pack between you and your enemy, the shield will help you survive. You can use the larger pack as a survival kit pack or bug out kit with the added ballistic coverage over a large area.