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Backing Up DVD’s

What’s the best way to backup your DVDs, just in case your three year old decides to use her Barney Disk as a Frisbee? My recommendation is a program called DVD Fab. The program comes in two versions, Gold and Platinum. Depending on your level of expertise, the Gold version should be fine for most normal users. This is the easiest program out there for a one stop DVD Movie Backup Utility.

Basically all you have to do is put in your original disk and a blank disk, and then hit enter. It will decrypt the DVD, Shrink it to fit on a DVD-R, and then burn it to the disk. All while you go chase around your three year old.

This program has some other cool features. It will copy the whole disk, just the main movie, or allow you to create a custom disk. The newest version will also allow you to burn the movie to ISO for any of you that archive onto hard drives for media streaming or backing up.

One other cool thing. The company does constant upgrades when movies come out that have new types of protection. Upgrades are free forever when you buy the software. There is a demo available also to try it out. This program really works great!!!!!!!