Category Archives: Music — Cheap Music — If you want to get your music for about .20 cents per song, then this is the site for you. Unlike illegal file sharing p2p sites, this is an actual online store that offers music at a dramatically reduced price. This site is hosted in Russia, which allows it to use international trade laws to charge whatever they want for their music. While there is a fight from within the US music industry to get this site shutdown, to this day it is still legal. You can pick music to be downloaded at any bit rate or format you want. There is no pesky user right management system. The best part is that you don’t have to sit there and test wether you music is good or not,like with p2p sites.

I do not recommend using a normal credit card to pay for the music since you are doing business with Russia. The first way I recommend is to buy a prepaid mastercard and use it to pay. The other way, is to use a virtual card from companies like citibank. These programs generate a different card number for each transaction.